Tax Attorney West Palm Beach

So you decided to hire tax attorney West Palm Beach. Remember, tax attorneys are not accountants. They are lawyers that specialize in tax law. Before considering if you need a tax attorney it is highly recommended that you need to review; whether you really need one. If you are facing any of these situations:

  • Received a notification from the IRS about an audit or unpaid tax bill.
  • Received a notification from your state about an audit or unpaid tax bill.
  • Received a criminal charge about tax evasion or tax fraud from the IRS/state.
  • Looking for ways to reduce your tax bill significantly.
  • Need to set up a complex business structure such as a holding company.
  • Have a taxable estate.

Then you should really consider hiring a tax lawyer.

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How do you find a good tax attorney West Palm Beach though?

Now that you understand what a tax attorney is you are probably having issues with hiring one. When looking or interviewing a potential tax lawyer a great way to find a decent one is through word of mouth. Use social media and inquire about a tax attorney that they have used with success. Sometime, word of mouth is the best way to find a great tax attorney near you. Your friends or colleagues have already took the risk in testing out the lawyer. Therefore, you can rely on their word to reduce your risk substantially.

If for some reason it isn’t possible to do this or you don’t get anything substantial is to then hit the phonebooks or simply use online tools. This is a riskier venture then relying on word of mouth but it’s the next best thing that you can do.

When evaluating potential tax lawyers you need to have a basic screening method. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there who wish to make a quick buck. There are many stories of people who haven’t done basic fact checking and hired fake lawyers that took their hard earned money. You want to avoid this and reduce your risk of being cheated as much as possible.

Here is a basic screening method that you can use to hiring a tax lawyer.

Experience: Find anything related to the lawyer’s experience. Ask the lawyer about cases that he/she worked on and what the results of these cases came out to be. Only go with lawyers that only specialize in tax law. These professionals have dealt with the IRS and know what to do on your behalf to get you a favorable outcome.

Credentials: Look up where they got their law degree from. If they came from a reputable law school then there is a high chance that you are standing in front of a high quality tax lawyer. Look for a Masters in Law and a license that they can actually practice law is critical.

Reputation: This doesn’t hurt. Ask around and look up for reviews online about your lawyer. It is a huge red flag if anything negative comes up.

Compatibility: Do you like him or her? Does he/she understand your needs? This is important to have a long term relationship.

With this basic screening method in place you’ll have a really high chance of getting a decent tax lawyer. Don’t compromise on quality and you’ll be in the best position possible to handle your problems/situation. So good luck with your search Tax attorney West Palm Beach.