What to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago

When you are injured, your physical and emotional well-being may be compromised.  There may be medical bills, lost wages, and possible legal ramifications as well.  Having to deal with all this while recovering from an auto collision can be overwhelming.  Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first personal injury lawyer you come across, making such a spontaneous decision can cost you down the road.

Doing your homework when it comes to hiring a lawyer will pay off.  Do an online search, meet for an initial consultation and ask questions until you are satisfied with your choice of attorney.  Here are a few things you should look for when making that decision.

Make sure you are familiar with the fee structure and know what to expect.  Most attorneys take on personal injury cases for a contingency fee.  Meaning, they get paid when you do.  There are always fees for which you are responsible even if the outcome of the case is not in your favor.  Knowing what those fees are ahead of time will promote a better relationship between you and your legal representation moving forward.

There will be a lot of paperwork.  Personal injury cases require documentation related to briefs, discovery, depositions, etc.  The attorney should be organized, responsive and thorough in working on the case, giving you the ability to focus on getting better and resuming your life.

The lawyer should have experience working in the district in which the suit will be filed.  It would be an additional benefit if they worked with the prosecution and the judge presiding over the case.  An attorney with extensive experience in the field will be more efficient and effective when working with opposing counsel, both in court and during deal negotiations. Top Criminal Attorneys in Jacksonville