Finding the Right Auto Accident Attorney in Chicago

Being involved in an auto accident is always a stressful experience.  If you were involved in an accident which resulted in damages to your vehicle or personal property, or injuries to you or your passengers you should retain an attorney who specializes in automobile accidents.  Finding the right attorney is important, so here are a few questions you should consider.

When is it best to start looking for an attorney?

It’s best to start looking for a lawyer within 14 days of the accident.  The more time that passes, the more difficult it will be to collect the information needed for a successful lawsuit.

What should you look for in a lawyer?

The right attorney will specialize in automobile accidents in Illinois.  They should have experience with auto insurance companies, healthcare providers and the court system in the district where the suit will be filed because a lawyer’s familiarity with people and procedures there will give you an advantage in court and during negotiations.  A preexisting relationship with the parties involved may play a role in any settlement you receive.  He or she should have a clear understanding of state and national safety transportation laws and how to use that knowledge to benefit you.

What is the lawyer’s fee structure?

If you have a solid case, most attorneys will take it on a contingency basis.  That means they get paid a percentage of the money you may eventually receive.  It’s important to understand that you will still have to pay for some expenses related to your case even in a contingency basis situation.  A breakdown of those fees upfront will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

Almost every attorney offers a free, initial consultation.  Do some research online before meeting them in person to make sure they are in good standing with the bar association and be aware of any negative allegation against them.  During the consultation, you should feel comfortable, as the two of you might end up spending a lot of time together preparing the case.

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